St Peter's Episcopal Church Lessons & Carols 2006


St Peter's Episcopal Church

Perth Amboy, New Jersey

The Rev. J. Rodney Croes, Rector

The Rev. Kathleen DeJohn, Deacon


A Service of Lessons and Carols

Sunday, December 17, 2006 at 10:30 a.m.


St. Peter's Choir

R. Douglas Sheldon, Music Director & Conductor

Laura Baldasano, Conductor

Stephen Tharp, Organist & Artist in Resident



St: Peter's Choir:

Yuhi Aizawa, Brooke Edwards, Cherrill Garoniak

Andrea Japinga, Emily Kwan, Karina Kwan, Ellen Nemeth

Adeline Parker, Dee Parker, Thelma Rey,

Mary-Viola Rey, Janet Sojka


Friends of St. Peter's Choir:

Veronika Arkhangel, Naomi Blumenthal, Michelle Cusson,

Christine Hoffman, Debbie Keith, Denise Pineau, Katia Rothfuss


St. Peter's Choir:

Joyce Richardson-Melech,

Alexandra Sheldon, Eileen Sheldon, Amanda Weiss


Friends of St. Peter's Choir:

Laura Baldasano, Limarie Cabrera

Vivian Chiu, Deborah Hoffman Lanser

Kristin Rothfuss, Betty Satterwhite


St. Peter's Choir:

Austin Gumbs, Jonathan Gonazalez, Allan Hunte

Roy MacMath , Cedric Richardson


Friends of St. Peter's Choir:

Brian Bumby, Steven Lanser, Graham Parker


St. Peter's Choir:

Butch Bryson, Robin Lee, David Rey, Jackson Williams


Friends of St. Peter's Choir:

Robert Berretta, Christopher Herrera, Bob Kay, Laurence Sutter


Organ Prelude: Veni Emmanuel Baristow

Opening Hymn 57 Lo! He comes with clouds descending

Opening Sentences

Blessed be God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and blessed be His kingdom

now and forever. Amen.

Bidding Prayer Fr. Croes


Lessons and Carols

What Sweeter Music John Rutter

Laura Baldasano, conductor

First Lesson Genesis III

God declareth in the Garden of Eden that the seed of woman

shall bruise the serpent's head.

Dorothy Grandjean-Smith

A la nanita nana (Spanish) arr. Roger Folsom

Laura Baldasano, conductor

Second Lesson Genesis XXII

God promiseth to Abraham that in his seed shall all the nations

of the earth be blessed.

Mary Jane Seeman

Manger Carol (French) Leo Sowerby

Laura Baldasano, conductor

Third Lesson Isaiah IX

Christ's birth and kingdom are foretold by the prophet Isaiah.

John Cardillo

This Christmastide (Jessye's Carol) Donald Fraser

Fourth Lesson Isaiah XI

The peace that Christ will bring is foreshown.

Richard Japinga

The Birthday of a King W. H. Neidlinger

Kristin Rothfuss, mezzo soprano

Fifth Lesson Luke I

The Angel Gabriel visiteth the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Eileen Sheldon

Glory be to Thee Sergei Rachmaninoff

Ave Maria J.S. Bach/Charles Gounod

Katja Rothfuss, soprano

Sixth Lesson Matthew I

St. Matthew telleth of Christ's nativity.

Ronald Sprague

Christmas Day (Fantasy on Old Carols) Gustav Holst

Joyce Richardson, mezzo soprano; Robin Lee, baritone;

Brooke Edwards, soprano; Jonathan Gonzalez, tenor

Seventh Lesson Luke II

The Shepherds go unto the manger.

Ellen Torres

Go Tell it on the Mountain arr. Paul Sjolund

Robin Lee, baritone & Laura Baldasano, conductor

Eighth Lesson Matthew II

The Wise Men are led by a star to Jesus.

Cherrill Garoniak

Behold the Star William Dawson

Brooke Edwards, soprano & Jonathan Gonzalez, tenor

Ninth Lesson John I

St. John unfoldeth the mystery of the Incarnation.

The Reverend Kathleen DeJohn

Ring out, wild bells Charles Gounod/Frederic Root


Announcements Fr. Croes

Offertory Hymn 83 O come, all ye faithful (verses 1, 3 & 6) Congregation

Doxology Congregation

Final Blessing Fr. Croes

Recessional Hymn 87 Hark! the herald angels sing Congregation

Postlude: Toccata on Veni Emmanuel Andrew Carter


The flowers on the altar are in memory of

Ernest Varga given by Doris, Scott, Brenda & Ryan Varga

Audrey Nowak given by her family

Walter D. Sabik, Charles Klym, & Henry Massopust,

given by Mrs. Nancy Sabik

Al Wolny, given by Betty Wolny


Memorial Service for

Ernest Varga given by Doris, Scott, Brenda & Ryan Varga

Audrey Nowak given by her family

Judith Arron, John L. Baldwin, Ray D. Sheldon, John & Lillian Yencik,

Mary Jo Connealy & Samuel Hazell

given by

R. Douglas, Eileen, R. Douglas Jr., Kirsten & Alexandra Sheldon & families

Rose Hull, given by Fred & Nancy Merrit, and Robert Askew, given by Margaret Askew


The Congregation is invited to attend a reception in the Parish House following the service.

Posted: Mar-25-2013
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