It was a long concert, dense [substantive], not exactly of shallow programming, but a deep and committed one, with vocal strength, variations, with some stretches of disputable execution, but compelling, resounding, throughout with maximum alertness and tension, and with a Bruckner anthology (Orfeon), and a Gorriti reference (Orfeon y Escolania). And with a reputable director, the North American conductor Douglas Sheldon, the Orfeon has been accustomed to various styles of conductors within the grand symphonic chorales – but going a Capella (unaccompanied voices) is quite distinct.

Teobaldos, Music - Daily News

In the business world it is very common to use the concept of continuous improvement to highlight the need not to stay static. As much as the logistical operations of a company seem to work with the precision of a Swiss watch, there will always remain some aspect that it can operate more efficiently. If this applies to such an organized and studied field as in economics, the more it will be in an area such as the arts, where the absolute perfection is by definition, unattainable.

Xabier Armendáriz, Music Review

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